Jenny philips

Think you can’t get ripped six pack abs in weeks? Think again, because you can. It’s all down to the 2 vital elements…


This is by far the most important aspect with regards to weight loss and muscle gain. If you want to get a ripped core, you must avoid foods high in fats at all costs! You need to erase or at least avoid your intake of fast food, fried foods and generally foods high in bad fats (like burgers, chips, pizza, white pasta,white potatoes etc).

In addition to this, you must also evade sugary products (pastry, candy bars, fizzy drinks etc), as sugar has a series of negative effects on your health, and it also contributes to belly fat which is the most difficult to get rid of! without a doubt you will be seduced now and again so have a cheat day once a week when you can have your favourite “bad foods” but don’t go too crazy!


In order to get a ripped core, you will have to focus on foods rich in high-quality proteins, antioxidants and Omega-6 and Omega-3. Having said that, increase your intake of seeds, chicken, nuts, fish (especially salmon and tuna), olive oil and eggs, which are particularly rich in proteins. Proteins are absolutely essential when you try to build muscle.

Substitute the usual potatoes, fries, and sauces with boiled or steamed vegetables.  Broccoli, spinach, cauliflover and salad with a low calorie dressing will fill you up but barely pack any calories.


You can not get that well-defined six pack if you don’t work out on a regular basis! If you are a beginner, it’s recommended to work out around  four times a week, at least, combining cardio and strenght. After a while, you can step it up from there because abdominal muscles more often than other muscles like pecks and biceps, because they recover more quickly.

This way, you will prevent muscle exhaustion and injuries. There are several exercises for your core that are highly adequate, such as the squats (compound exercises), Captain’s chair leg raise, exercise ball crunches, long arm crunches or the well-known crunch with heel push. These exercises are especially made to stimulate your core muscles, and they also involve several other muscle groups.  Vary the exercises and add weights as necessary to make sure you are always pushing yourself.


Cardio exercises also play an important role when you try to get a six pack. In a nutshell, these exercises aim to burn the excess body fat, therefore making the muscles more visible. It is pointless to do core exercises without taking cardio exercises into account, as you will end up with ripped abs covered by a thick layer of fat.

Having said that, the most efficient cardio exercises are cold water swimming, jogging, bicycling, training with the elliptical bike, rowing or kickboxing. These exercises will help you burn body fat quickly and effectively – provided that you take into account the above-mentioned tips regarding nutrition, of course!


So Many people ask themselves how lean should they be. The ideal body fat percentage varies based on gender and on how active you are. For instance, the average body fat for a woman is between 25-31%, while for a man it is between 18-24%. On the other hand, the ideal body fat percentage for a woman who works out is between 24-21%, while for men it should be between 14-17%.  To get a clearly defined six pack, a man needs to get to under 10%.


Another important tip that you should take into account when you try to get a six pack is the daily calorie intake. The optimal number of Kcal a person should consume also varies from one person to another (Check your Basal MR). For instance, the average male with a normal body mass index, who works out three times a week should consume between 2000-2500 calories per day in order to stick to the actual weight.

To lose weight, he should consume 1850 calories per day and stick to the regular work out routine. On the other hand, women must consume 10% less calories than men in order to lose weight. For instance, a woman who wants to stick to her actual weight should consume between 1850 and 2200 calories, and if she wants to lose weight, she should consume between 1650 and 2000 calories per day.

Eat plenty of  vegetables, lean meat and fish, mix it with quinoa will help fill you up, and cut out deserts.  Get used to reading the calories on everything you buy, and rid your house of all snack and junk food.


Last but not least, it is crucial to get enough sleep if you want to get the six pack you have always dreamed of. As an adult, you should sleep between 7 and 8 hours per night. People who don’t rest enough are more prone to obesity, when you don’t sleep properly your the hormones for regulating your body’s appetite are all out of whack.  Get a good night’s sleep and you will find it much easier to stick to a healthy diet.

In addition, overtraining is a very common massive mistake amongst beginners, who believe they can get a six pack if they work twice as much. This is a myth that will only lead to muscle injury, and this will keep you away from the gym for several weeks!

Basically, all you have to do is to watch your diet, work out on a regular basis, watch your daily Kcal intake, calculate your body mass index and ideal body fat percentage, get enough rest and avoid muscle exhaustion!