The Benefits of Training Outdoors


As mobile trainers we have certainly trained in all types of places. Both indoor and outdoor training have their own benefits, but for the purposes of this post we would like to discuss why mixing in outdoor training is beneficial to your routine, and some of the nearby parks you can utilize.

One mile from Putney lies Wimbledon Park. One of the most wonderful things about training outdoors is getting to view nature’s scenery. Sure there are times when inclimate weather makes a home or local gym a necessity but on a beautiful day there is nothing better than the fresh air outdoors. Putney’s Wimbledon Park offers a bowling green, tennis courts and an athletic track, not to mention the many trees, where a simple Trx will make you enjoy a workout as never before, and bodies of water located in the park. If you have children there is also a water splash and play area to occupy the kids while you get your workout.

In Hammersmith is one of the more interesting parks with plenty of scenery to enjoy during your workout; Ravenscourt Park. While indoor workouts can offer simulated inclines and declines, Hammersmith park offers the real thing. With more than just flat green areas, Ravenscourt offers winding paths and natural landscapes that give you the chance to run over a hill and back down.

The important thing to remember is that working out should never be a chore. It has to be fun and the variety of mixing in these different parks in SW London is going to make staying fit seem more exciting and adventurous. In a gym you would never encounter a small lake with an island, ducks, swans and geese on a treadmill but you can do this in Hammersmith. But working out is not all about running. Ravenscourt also offers a football pitch, tennis courts and a basketball court which all provide excellent cardiovascular training and full body workouts with the added fun of competition. Instead of a treadmill, you can actually get the same exercise by renting a paddle boat and exploring the lake. All of the above mentioned activities are incredible ways to add fun and variety to staying fit.

In Fulham, one of the most highly rated parks is Bishop’s Park. As we have stressed before, variety is important to keeping your workouts fun. The more fun you have working out, the more likely you are to make it a habit in your life. Among the things you will see while getting some jogging done are a moat garden, ornamental lake, Fielder’s Meadow, Bishop’s Meadow, the River Walk/ Thames Path and an urban beach which is very unique to London and offers a chance to play some volleyball for both competition and exercise. Other competitive sports that will give you a good workout include Bishop’s Park’s tennis courts, basketball and skating.

Whether you find yourself in Putney, Fulham or Hammersmith outdoor workouts are beneficial and can be accomplished most anywhere without a gym membership fee. While there may be a few less exercises that can be accomplished outdoors, the ones that can be done are some of the most vital to staying fit. The great outdoors offers hilly terrain that can offset the boredom of time spent on treadmills. Rock climbing can give you a great upper body workout that can’t be duplicated by any machine in addition to the adventure and adrenaline factor. Other outdoor activities could include functional movements such as the sporst ladder, jogging or even something as simple as boxing where you will burn some extra kcal while you get rid of the estress the city can make you feel.

The great thing about having a mobile trainer is that in addition to meeting you at home or various gyms, they can meet with you in these areas of SW London and show you based on what each park offers, what the most beneficial way to workout would be. Again, fun and variety are vital to keeping you interested in staying fit.