Meet the Let’s Get U Fit Team


  • Hypertrophy training: Gain lean muscle
  • Circuit sessions: Strength Conditioning
  • Kick boxing and muay thai: Aerobic Conditioning
  • Trx and kettebell: Suspension Training
  • Hiit training: Burn body fat
  • Olympic Lifting: Sculp your body

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  • Nutrition advice: for weight loss/gain
  • Circuit Training: for fat burning
  • Functional Training: for a more productive everyday life
  • Core Training: for improved postural stability
  • Kettlebell Training: for increased strength, power and endurance
  • Pre & Post Natal conditioning: for expectant/new mothers

More Information


  • Kettlebell Training: for increased strength, power and endurance
  • Pre & Post Natal conditioning: for expectant/new mothers
  • Circuit sessions: Strength Conditioning
  • Boxing: Aerobic Conditioning
  • Nutrition advice: for weight loss/gain


  • Circuit sessions: Strength Conditioning
  • Fat loss: Weight Management
  • Rehabilitation: Strength Joints and repair muscle tissue
  • Corrective exercise: To fix all types of skeleton problems
  • Yoga: Flexibility Development

Recent Testimonials

As an Australian, my first English winter was cold shocking it was incredibly hard to keep up the exercise but with Paula's motivation and positive attitude I managed to tone up and get a desired shape.
Paula has a brilliant warm friendly style and is creative with her PT sessions. She challenged me with training sessions that I would never have done on my own and helped me understand my own strengths and weaknesses. My core strength increased significantly and I am now no longer daunted by complicated gym equipment.
Somehow Paula makes a 1 hour session feel like 20 minutes which helps keep you motivated to return for more. Paula set realistic and attainable goals and developed a programme to reach them.

- Jae, 21, Chiswick

I’ve been training with Diego at home for a couple of years, and I would happily recommend him. I am so delighted with the results, He focuses on all areas of fitness, including diet and motivation. He’s all about progress and the workouts are always challenging – it’s really grateful to see that I can do way more now than I could in the past. Unlike other PTs I’ve worked with, he provides varied workouts so it stays interesting. Plus he’s really great fun.

- Carlos, 38, Knightsbridge

Paula is an increble personal trainer. Incredibly knowledgeable with each session tailored specifically to your goals. I started working with Paula to train for a specific event (Marathon) and her help was invaluable, I'm having lots of fun while I develop my fitness skills so I plan to train with her indefinitely.

- Skye, 25, Canary Wharf

I am sure you have been looking all over the Internet, trying to figure out which one of these great professional training individuals in your area you should give a try… Well look not further. Since I've been training with Diego my overall fitness has improved a lot, I can notice great changes on my lower limbs and upper body , I would state that working out isn't just about training itself ,but with he's nutritional recommendations I stepped up very quickly. I won't hesitate to recommend this guys, training outdoors is fantastic.

- Melany, 23, Barnes

"I trained with Alex for six months at home following an injury. He is great fun, always pushed me that little bit more, he kept the workouts interesting and I noticed a significant improvement in my all round fitness and strength."

- Cathy, 45, Wandsworth Common.